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Natural Trails in Peninsula of Kassandra


The best way to experience the Kassandra peninsula, is trekking. The really rich nature and the unmatched scenery, are the best place for trekking and discoveries. Especially from March to May and from September to November, the mild weather is ideal for hikes, making trails the best choice for a rejuvenating leisure and entertainment experience.

Sightseeing, archaeological sites, wetlands, beaches, squares, taverns and bars give a very good picture, but the essential knowledge comes with walking and hiking in places where nature is kept intact. There one feels like seeing, living, discovering the Peninsula of Kassandra, at points not generously offered by the first visit, but which require the attention of the visitor and the real, authentic and persistent desire to experience the real sites visited, getting familiar with the authentic life of its inhabitants and enjoying local products and delicacies.

The peninsula of Kassandra is a paradise waiting to be discovered !!!!




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